My passion for food was born since I was a child. My mother cooked 3-4 types of food for each mealtime. Her food was always perfect in flavor, texture, variety but above all in quality! 

   I have lived a little over 20 years in Whatcom and Skagit County, and I have not seen any restaurant with our traditional food from our land, I am from El Pulgarcito (El Salvador), my wife is from Honduras. We have family from Nicaragua, friends from Guatemala, Mexico, many other Countries.  

   We have a lot of Mexican restaurants over here, therefore I couldn't leave them out of our very special menu, covering each Latin Country.  

   Since there was no restaurant with our typical food from Central America, I shared my dreams with my wife, and we decided to dream together, opening the doors of a restaurant with an extensive but exquisite menu 


   We create a restaurant to delight our community, without making exceptions of race, or culture, we are here to serve you and share our food, it is a pride to receive you and that you feel welcome and comfortable in all aspects. 

   We are here to give you the best service and meet your needs. Our Pasion is to be the only place in town that can provide you with the best food, and excellent service